Terms and rules

If you believe you have been falsely punished, please create a support ticket at https://sewerside.org/support-tickets/ this includes reporting lower staff to higher up staff for what you may deem as corrupted actions which will be investigated accordingly. 

Ban Offenses

Breaking these rules will result in your account being banned from The Sewer Side.

Allowed modifications can be viewed at https://sewerside.org/pages/mods/

Auto Fishing/Auto Clicking/Macros
Any macro / script which automates a task in which to gain a competitive or otherwise advantage is NOT allowed. This includes using accounts to load farm chunks.

You are NOT allowed to AFK, or use multiple accounts for extended periods of time. If you are caught you will be banned.

Advertising another server / site in a non conversive manner is NOT allowed.

Griefing other players is allowed as long as you have not bypassed any server protective features to enact in the griefing. 

Do not /trust a player if you do not actually trust them.

DDoS and Threats
We do not allow any threats, attempts, or releasing anyone's private information, DDoSing is a crime and will be reported accordingly. If you are caught engaging in any related activity you will be reported to the proper authorities.

Doxing or Doxing Threats
Seeking, obtaining or using a player’s personal information for malicious purposes is strictly prohibited. This includes threats of swatting, doxing, or violence. Repeating or mentioning the personal information of another player or staff member without their permission is NOT allowed.

Death Threats
Death threats and other malicious attacks are not allowed. At Staff discretion, death wishes and suicide encouragement may also be punished even under a joking manner.

Inappropriate Usernames
Extremely inappropriate usernames are punishable with a ban until the username is changed. If it is a nickname, we will first give a warning before a ban. Nicknames must contain at least two characters.

Offensive/Inappropriate Skins
Offensive or inappropriate skins are punishable with a ban until the skin is changed. Players will generally be given a chance to change the skin prior to ban.

Scamming is allowed, DYOR.

Abusing Glitches/Bugs
The severity of the bug which was abused will determine the time of your ban. We have a full bug bounty system in which players can report a bug for in-game / store rewards, report bugs via a support ticket and you will be rewarded. The abuse of any bug for any intent may result in a permanent ban.

Mute/Ban Evasion
This is when a player uses an alternate account to bypass restrictions set on their main account. The alternate account, and players IP address will be muted/banned for an extended amount of time.

Physical Trolling
Purposely trying to interfere with a players gameplay by getting in their way, hurting or trolling them will result in a temporary ban. For example preventing a player from building or using a fishing rod or grappling hook to knock them into a PvP arena.

Inappropriate Builds
Inappropriate Builds will be immediately cleared and may result in ban. This applies to all servers that allow building.

Leaderboard/Payout Deals
Players may not make deals with other players intentionally to increase their chances of getting onto or boosted up on the final leaderboards to receive leaderboard/payout prizes.
This gives an unfair advantage to other players and may result in a blacklist from the leaderboard prizes.

Setting Homes/Warps
Setting a home or warp in another player's island or base without permission from the Island, Party Leader, or land owner is not allowed.

Player run games/giveaways
While players are allowed to run various games, giveaways and casinos on our servers, there are a several rules to be aware of.
- In-Game and discord chat games are not allowed and are punished under spamming. For example, 'first to guess the number I am thinking of between 1-100 wins $10k'. However, forum games such as ‘Count to 100 before a staff posts’ are allowed.
- Any prize from a game or giveaway must be available and proven to staff if requested.
- Rigging a game or giveaway is not allowed and is punishable under trolling.
- Giveaways are allowed but players cannot claim that they are official. Official giveaways are only posted by administrators in the public announcement areas.

Lag/Crash Builds
Builds that significantly lower the FPS of others causing extreme lag, cause a player to lag or lag the server are not allowed, will be cleared and may result in ban. If it is obvious that the laggy build was not intentional, then a ban will not be given.

Mute Offenses

However we will usually give a warning before enforcing these rules if deemed the best outcome.

Excessive use of Capitalization for no apparent reason is not allowed.

We allow casual swearing however excessive swearing / being too vulgar will result in a mute

Custom Chat Fonts
Using custom fonts as a main font in public chat is not allowed and continued use will result in a mute.

Inappropriate Names/Nicknames/Item Names etc.
We do not allow user names with derogatory or offensive terms, hate speech or swear words. Users who do not change these when asked will be issued with a punishment.

Nickname Formatting
If you have the perk, underlined or magic formats may not as they can cause chat to be covered up or flicker.
This is subject to change if chat gets too cluttered.

Impersonating Staff and Players
Changing your nickname to pretend to be someone else or to bully, harass or attack someone else will result in punishment.

Spamming includes posting repeated messages to chat in quick succession, repeated nonsense like "odmowlskdjmliaskdmadakmsdo;l2" and excessive character drag such as hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Command spam, encouraging spam, repeatedly begging for items, and group spam will also result in punishment. Spamming commands like /helpop, /msg, /afk, /marry will result in a ban.

Inappropriate Chat
Players are not allowed to cause drama in chat. This includes, but is not limited to discussing inappropriate topics such as drugs, sexual activities, illegal activities, mental health [e.g. suicide or self-harm] and breaking server rules.

Disrespect (Player or Staff)
Players can have disagreements and argue but they must do so in a respectful manner. Insulting, harassing, bullying, and abusive speech is not allowed. This includes attacking staff or publicly questioning their competence.
Concerns about staff may be expressed in a staff report. To file a staff report please create a private Support Ticket which only higher staff may view

Tricking or misleading players to issue commands such as /ci or [Alt][F4] falls under Trolling and is punishable at staff discretion. Physical Trolling is also not allowed, see the Physical Trolling rule.

Interfering with Staffing
Players are not allowed to hackusate by calling out hackers in chat or to call out staff that are in vanish. Both of these activities interferes with catching cheaters. If you come across a cheater, report the cheater to a staff member or record them and create a ticket.
Joking or pretending to hack or cheat is also against the rules and may result in ban.

Disrupting Chat
Disrupting chat with arguments for or against a specific staff decision, punishment or issue is not allowed. Punishments should not be argued in chat and will only be reviewed after an appeal is filed via our forums. Staff will not accept your appeal over Discord or in-game. Warnings for chat disruption are given at staff discretion.

Hate Speech
Abusive or threatening behavior against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation is not allowed. Unlike most chat violations, staff give no warnings for true Hate Speech and the punishments quickly escalate.

Note: Not all offensive, ill-informed, inflammatory statements or opinions are true Hate Speech and therefore may be warned or punished as disrespect, harassment, bullying, etc.

Players are not allowed to initiate, fuel, spread or discuss drama. Malicious or abusive discussions about other players or staff are punishable.
Intentional harassment of another player will result in a mute and possibly ban

We use English as the official language. However, players who speak English as a second language are allowed to speak their native language in chat. Regardless of the language used, all chat rules must be followed and lengthy conversations should be held in friend chat, party chat, plot chat, or other private chats. Those who use another language to bypass chat rules may be p…